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Table 3 The tumor volume and tumor weight in different groups at 7–28 days

From: 6′-O-galloylpaeoniflorin regulates proliferation and metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer through AMPK/miR-299-5p/ATF2 axis

 Tumor volume (mm3)
control5 mg/kg10 mg/kgP value (control vs 5 mg/kg)P value (control vs 10 mg/kg)P value (5 mg/kg vs 10 mg/kg)
Day 749.332.230.70.02210.01640.7382
Day 14167.9104.587.90.06620.02450.1636
Day 21839.3488.7277.20.00020.00000.0024
Day 281899647.9409.30.00000.00000.1084
 Tumor weight (g)
Day 2810036.827.20.0000 0.0346