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Table 1 The phylogenetic origin, crucial events and basic demographic information of SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV

From: From SARS and MERS to COVID-19: a brief summary and comparison of severe acute respiratory infections caused by three highly pathogenic human coronaviruses

  SARS-CoV-2[6,7,8,9] SARS-CoV[10,11,12] MERS-CoV[13,14,15]
Genus Clade I, lineage B Clade I, lineage B Clade II, lineage C
Length of nucleotides 29.9 kilobases 29.75 kilobases 30.11 kilobases
First emergence 7 December 2019, Wuhan, China 16 November 2002, Foshan, China 4 April 2012, Zarqa, Jordan
Virus identification January 2020 March 2003 June 2012
Causative agent declaration January 2020 April 2003 September 2012
Recent status Pandemic ongoing Completely control Sporadic continuous
Number of infected cases Above 12.7 milliona 8096 2553
Male-to-female ratio 1.27:1 1:1.13 1.78:1
Number of attributed deaths Above 566 thousanda 774 876
Number of viral Footprint 213 countries or regionsa 29 countries or regions 27 countries or regions
Case fatal rate 4.4% 9.6% 34.3%
  1. NA Not available. a According to the data released by the WTO on 13, July, 2020