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Table 3 Estimates of the association parameters for recurrent exacerbations and discontinuations using the joint frailty model

From: Improving the evaluation of COPD exacerbation treatment effects by accounting for early treatment discontinuations: a post-hoc analysis of randomized clinical trials

 Frailty varianceAssociation (α)
Estimate (SE)*
Dataset A1.84 (0.13)0.99 (0.11)
Dataset B0.87 (0.10)1.84 (0.24)
Dataset C2.17 (0.20)1.28 (0.23)
Dataset D1.34 (0.11)0.93 (0.18)
Dataset E0.74 (0.06)0.83 (0.16)
  1. SE standard error, * - all parameters significantly different from zero with p-value < 0.0001