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Table 3 Comparison of deformation ratios of the bifurcation angle (εθ) between non-dust-exposed subjects and dust-exposed subjects

From: Quantitative CT-based structural alterations of segmental airways in cement dust-exposed subjects

RegionNDE subjects(n = 164)DE subjects(n = 41)P value
RMB14.51(10.44)8.172(6.396)< 0.001
TriRUL1.290(12.31)4.194(7.858)< 0.05
LMB11.29(10.40)7.728(12.39)< 0.01
TriLUL6.366(9.857)2.708(9.361)< 0.005
  1. Values are presented as mean (SD); BronInt Bronchus intermedius, LMB Left main bronchus, RMB Right main bronchus, TriRUL Trifurcation of right lower lobe, TriLUL Trifurcation of left upper lobe, εθ Deformation ratio of bifurcation angle