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Table 1 Scanners and scanning protocol used for non-dust-exposed subjects and dust-exposed subjects

From: Quantitative CT-based structural alterations of segmental airways in cement dust-exposed subjects

 Non-dust-exposed subjectsDust-exposed subjects
Scanner makeSiemens Definition Flash 128 slicesSiemens Definition AS 64 slices
Scan typeSpiralSpiral
Rotation time(s)0.50.5
Detector configuration128 × 0.6 mm64 × 0.6 mm
Peak kilovoltage, kVp120140
mAs110, Effective100, Effective
Dose modulationCare dose OFFCare dose OFF
Reconstruction algorithmB35fB30f
Thickness (mm)10.6
Iterative reconstructionNo selectionNo selection
  1. CNUH Chonbuk National University Hospital, KNUH Kangwon National University Hospital, mAs Milliamperage seconds