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Table 2 Result of the multiple beta-binomial mixed-effects model adjusted by time-dependent covariates for the Symptoms component of the SGRQ questionnaire over time

From: Predictive factors over time of health-related quality of life in COPD patients

SymptomsIntercept 2.790.269< 0.001
Time(year)− 0.0050.0100.3410.991(0.971–1.010)
Age(5 years)−0.1380.013< 0.0010.871(0.850–0.893)
FEV1(100 ml)−0.0270.005< 0.0010.973(0.964–0.983)
Handgrip(5 kg)−0.0410.0110.0010.960(0.939–0.981)
6mWT(25 m)− 0.0320.005< 0.0010.968(0.958–0.978)
Work/intense−0.1980.044< 0.0010.820(0.753–0.893)
Previous hospitalizations0
10.1970.050< 0.0011.217(1.105–1.342)
20.2840.074< 0.0011.328(1.148–1.537)
>  20.2030.0680.0031.224(1.073–1.398)
Sigmaa 0.7420.024
  1. DLCO carbon monoxide diffusing capacity, FEV1 forced expiratory volume in the first second, PA physical activity, RV residual volume, 6mWT 6-min walking test, SD standard deviation, OR odds ratio, CI Confidence interval
  2. a Standard deviation of the random intercept