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Table 1 Basic characteristics and laboratory examination for patients with COVID-19

From: The pulmonary sequalae in discharged patients with COVID-19: a short-term observational study

 n = 149.
 Male67 (45.0%)
 Female82 (55.0%)
Age (y)43 (36–56)
 Pneumonia142 (95.3%)
 Severe pneumonia7 (4.7%)
The initial symptoms of onset
 Fever121 (83.4%)
 Cough55 (37.9%)
 Fatigue38 (26.2%)
 Myalgia24 (16.6%)
 Dyspnea15 (10.3%)
 Diarrhea9 (6.2%)
Medical history
 Hypertension16 (11.0%)
 Diabetes6 (4.1%)
 Bronchial asthma4 (2.8%)
 Coronary heart disease3 (2.1%)
Laboratory examinations at discharge
 Lymphocyte count (× 109 cells per L) (1.1–3.2)1.54 (1.24–1.93)
 D-dimer (0–0.5 μg/ml)0.32 (0.19–0.56)
CT score at dischargeb1 (0–2)
  1. aThe clinical triage was based on the diagnosis and treatment protocols of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus (trial version 7)
  2. bA semi-quantitative CT scoring system was used to estimate the pulmonary involvement of only non-GGO lesions (includes: fibrous stripe and mixed patterns)