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Table 2 Expression analysis of lung TRIM72 in published datasets

From: TRIM72 promotes alveolar epithelial cell membrane repair and ameliorates lung fibrosis

Year Author Results Model/sample resource Reference No.
2014 N. Voraphani, et al. Microarray analysis detected increased TRIM72 expression in airway epithelial cells from patients with severe asthma Human asthma [42]
2013 S. W. Glasser, et al. ATII cells from surfactant protein C (Sftpc)-deficient mice had increased TRIM72 expression Mouse LPS [43]
2013 M. Katze, et al. H5N1 viral infection increased TRIM72 expression in human airway epithelial Calu-3 cells Human viral infection NCBI GEO dataset GSE43204
2019 T. S. Adams, et al. Expression of Trim72 mRNA was upregulated in ATI and ATII cells from IPF lung through single-cell RNA-seq analysis Human IPF