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Table 3 Results of the zero-inflated negative binomial regression of frequency of hospitalisations stratified in ILD-related and non-ILD-related

From: Hospitalisation patterns of patients with interstitial lung disease in the light of comorbidities and medical treatment – a German claims data analysis

  Non-ILD relatedILD-related
Rate ratiop-valueRate ratiop-value
Negative binomial model
 SexMaleReference Reference 
 EntitySARCReference Reference 
 OSASIf present in quarter of diagnosis1.11<.00011.090.0007
 DepressionIf present in quarter of diagnosis1.09<.00011.040.0248
 DiabetesIf present in quarter of diagnosis1.07<.00011.16<.0001
 GERDIf present in quarter of diagnosis1.10<.00011.000.7957
 COPDIf present in quarter of diagnosis0.90<.00011.27<.0001
 CHDIf present in quarter of diagnosis1.15<.00011.19<.0001
 Lung cancerIf present in quarter of diagnosis2.04<.00010.89<.0001
 Pulmonary hypertensionIf present in quarter of diagnosis0.940.0011.68<.0001
 Number of comorbiditiesIf present in quarter of diagnosis1.23<.00011.07<.0001
 Lung transplantationIf occured during observation period1.83<.00012.36<.0001
 Immunosuppressive drugsIf treated during observation period1.24<.00011.24<.0001
 Anti-fibrotic drugsIf treated during observation period0.77<.00012.12<.0001
 SteroidsIf treated during observation period1.28<.00011.95<.0001
 Age (in years)1.02<.00011.000.2924
 Age square (in year)1.00<.00011.000.0055
 Time under observation (in quarters)1.17<.00011.09<.0001
 Time under observation squared (in quarters)1.00<.00011.00<.0001
Logistic model
 Age (in years)1.06<.0001  
 Age square (in year)1.00<.0001  
 Time under observation (in quarters)1.070.00051.280.0404
 Time under observation squared (in quarters)1.000.0008  
  1. Significant estimates are printed in bold
  2. DAI Drug-Associated ILDs, CHD coronary heart disease, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CTD Connective Tissue-associated ILD, EPP Eosinophilic Pneumonia, GERD Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, HSP Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, IIP Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia, ILD interstitial lung disease, OFI Other Fibrosing ILDs, PNE Pneumoconiosis, RAP Radiation-Associated Pneumonitis, SARC Sarcoidosis