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Table 1 Characterists of hospitalisations at quarter of diagnosis versus follow up period

From: Hospitalisation patterns of patients with interstitial lung disease in the light of comorbidities and medical treatment – a German claims data analysis

 ILD-relatednon-ILD related ILD-relatednon-ILD-related
nn/mean%/SDn/mean%/SDnn/mean%/SDn/mean% / SD
Number of observed individuals36.816    34.527    
Number of hospitalisations including palliativ care 360,2%1180,6% 1220,5%5720,6%
Number of hospitalisations with invasive ventilation 1.2186,6%1.1776,3% 2.0638,6%2.1432,3%
In-hospital mortality 8834,8%9365,0% 2.2919,5%3.3033,6%
  1. stratified for ILD and non-ILD related reasons
  2. SD standard deviation, ILD interstitial lung disease