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Table 1 The BEST (Bronchiectasis exacerbation and symptom tool) diary card

From: Development and initial validation of the bronchiectasis exacerbation and symptom tool (BEST)

0None0I do not feel tired
1Breathlessness when hurrying or walking up a slight hill1I feel a little tired
2Have to walk slowly on level ground or stop for breath after a few minutes on level ground2I feel tired but can still do the things I would like to do
3Can walk less than 100 m or a few minutes on level ground before having to stop3Tiredness is stopping me from doing some things I want to do
4Breathless when washing or dressing4I am so tired I am unable to carry out my usual daily activities
0No sputum0No sputum
1Less than a teaspoon1White
2Teaspoon to an eggcup2Yellow
3Egg-cup to a cup3Green
4More than a cup4Dark Green
55Blood stained
1Mild1Sore throat, sore muscles, or runny nose
2Moderate2Fever/high temperature or shivers
4Very severe4
55I feel like a have an infection