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Table 1 Baseline demographic and clinical characteristics

From: The effectiveness of Reslizumab in severe asthma treatment: a real-world experience

Patients and disease variablesBaseline (N = 26)
The mean age52 years (SD ± 13.5).
Mean ACQ-6 score ± SD3.5 (SD ± 1.1)
Systemic glucocorticoid.54% were on maintenance oral steroida
Mean steroid dose amongst patients on long term glucocorticoidb9.3 (SD ± 4.3) mgb
Mean percent of FEV1 predicted value (before bronchodilation) + − SD62% (SD ± 19.9)
Average number of exacerbationsc ± SD8.3 (SD ± 4.7)
Mean peripheral blood Eosinophils countd ± SD0.78 cells X 109/L (SD ± 0.51)
  1. ACQ-6 Asthma Control Questionnaire, FEV1 Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second, aN=14, bPrednisolone dose in mg, cAverage number of exacerbations per year that required rescue systemic steroids course or increase in the maintenance steroid dose, dcells X 109/L