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Table 1 Partial Current Literature on BALF-EVs in Lung Diseases

From: Isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles from Broncho-alveolar lavage fluid: a review and comparison of different methods

Diseases/processes Main conclusion Author/Journal
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) Increased BALF-EVs function as carriers for WNT5A, and contribute to the pathogenesis of IPF Martin-Medina et al.;
AJRCCM 2018, Jul 25.
Mediate leukotriene conversion LTC4-LTD4 Lukic et al.;
J Lipid Res 2016;
Allergic Asthma Leukotriene/cytokine production Torregrosa Paredes
et al.; Allergy. 2012
Allergy and vaccination EVs can potentially induce tolerance Prado et al.;
J. Immunology
2008. 181
Asthma EV-lipid profile as a biomarker Hough et al.;
Sci Report, 2018
COPD EVs from PMN regulate the pathogenesis Genschmer et al.
Cell. 2019 Jan 10
Sarcoidosis BALF EVs from sarcoidosis patients carry pro-inflammatory effects. Qazi et al.;
Thorax, 2010; 65
Lung transplant
Acute rejection
The BALF EV profiles are altered in patients with acute rejection Gregson et al.;
AJRCCM 2015, Dec.15
Lung Cancer BALF EVs contribute to lung cancer growth Yang et al.: Frontier in Oncology 2019; April 12
Early stage Lung Ca BALF EVs as a diagnostic marker Kim et al.: Chest
2016 Oct Vol 150–4
Lung Cancer Biomarker of cancer growth Yang et al
ARDS BALF-EV-miRNAs mediate inflammation and ALI Sheller et al.:
J Infectious Dis.
2019. Jan. 19th
Lung Injury BALF-EV-miRNAs mediate sterile stimuli-associated ALI. Lee et al.:
J Immunology 2018
Pneumonia/sepsis Macrophage-derived EVs regulate inflammation. Soni et al.
Thorax.2016 June 10
Exosomal 15-LO2 mediates hypoxia-mediated HTN Zhang et al.
Cell Death Dis.
2018 Oct 3;9(10):1022