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Table 1 Components and Definitions of the Primary Endpoint

From: Clinical outcomes stratified by baseline functional class after initial combination therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension

Component Definition
Death (all-cause) Certificate of death
Hospitalization for worsening PAH Adjudicated and defined as any hospitalization for worsening PAH, lung or heart/lung transplant, atrial septostomy; participants who initiated parenteral prostanoid therapy were included in this group
Disease progression Adjudicated and defined as a (decrease of > 15% from baseline in 6MWD combined with WHO FC III or IV symptoms) at 2 consecutive visits separated by ≥14 days
Unsatisfactory long-term clinical response Adjudicated and requiring participation in the study for ≥6 months; defined as sustained WHO FC III symptoms AND any decrease from baseline in 6MWD at 2 consecutive visits separated by ≥14 days
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  2. 6MWD 6-min walk distance, FC Functional class, PAH Pulmonary arterial hypertension, WHO World Health Organization