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Table 1 Azm induces global gene expression changes in airway epithelia

From: Azithromycin induces epidermal differentiation and multivesicular bodies in airway epithelia

Day 4 Day 10 Day 22
GO biological process complete fold enrichment raw P-value GO biological process complete fold enrichment raw P-value GO biological process complete fold enrichment raw P-value
negative regulation of platelet activation (GO:0010544) 47,39 5,25E-05 positive regulation of receptor catabolic process (GO:2000646) 56,36 6,21E-05 desmosome organization (GO:0002934) 17,34 8,23E-06
ovulation (GO:0030728) 44,9 6,06E-05 intracellular cholesterol transport (GO:0032367) 25,05 4,10E-05 establishment of skin barrier (GO:0061436) 15,9 2,49E-09
negative regulation of hemostasis (GO:1900047) 23,21 3,57E-05 intracellular sterol transport (GO:0032366) 23,48 5,09E-05 regulation of water loss via skin (GO:0033561) 14,45 5,36E-09
negative regulation of blood coagulation (GO:0030195) 23,21 3,57E-05 cellular response to sterol (GO:0036315) 22,1 6,23E-05 cornification (GO:0070268) 9,55 4,19E-22
negative regulation of coagulation (GO:0050819) 21,87 4,45E-05 cellular response to low-density lipoprotein particle stimulus (GO:0071404) 20,88 7,55E-05 intermediate filament cytoskeleton organization (GO:0045104) 6,15 1,71E-05
positive regulation of blood vessel diameter (GO:0097755) 20,68 5,47E-05 nitric oxide mediated signal transduction (GO:0007263) 19,78 9,07E-05 intermediate filament-based process (GO:0045103) 6,02 2,01E-05
alpha-amino acid catabolic process (GO:1901606) 14,22 3,39E-05 low-density lipoprotein particle clearance (GO:0034383) 19,57 1,20E-05 multicellular organismal water homeostasis (GO:0050891) 5,96 1,29E-06
cellular amino acid catabolic process (GO:0009063) 11,95 7,50E-05 cholesterol biosynthetic process (GO:0006695) 17,89 4,91E-08 water homeostasis (GO:0030104) 5,95 5,17E-07
positive regulation of vasculature development (GO:1904018) 11 4,31E-06 secondary alcohol biosynthetic process (GO:1902653) 17,48 5,77E-08 keratinization (GO:0031424) 5,14 1,29E-15
negative regulation of cell activation (GO:0050866) 9,43 5,00E-05 regulation of cholesterol biosynthetic process (GO:0045540) 17,48 5,77E-08 peptide cross-linking (GO:0018149) 4,9 9,40E-05
regulation of vasculature development (GO:1901342) 7,29 1,61E-05 regulation of sterol biosynthetic process (GO:0106118) 17,48 5,77E-08 skin development (GO:0043588) 4,7 1,78E-21
regulation of angiogenesis (GO:0045765) 7,03 7,03E-05 isoprenoid biosynthetic process (GO:0008299) 16,2 2,69E-05 regulation of epidermis development (GO:0045682) 4,64 1,46E-05
regulation of small molecule metabolic process (GO:0062012) 6,44 3,81E-05 sterol biosynthetic process (GO:0016126) 15,66 1,23E-07 keratinocyte differentiation (GO:0030216) 4,64 2,76E-15
small molecule biosynthetic process (GO:0044283) 5,78 1,13E-06 plasma lipoprotein particle clearance (GO:0034381) 14,09 8,41E-06 epidermal cell differentiation (GO:0009913) 4,37 1,05E-15
negative regulation of cell proliferation (GO:0008285) 5,05 4,49E-06 regulation of cholesterol metabolic process (GO:0090181) 13,42 3,56E-07 regulation of sodium ion transport (GO:0002028) 4,32 2,87E-05
regulation of cell migration (GO:0030334) 4,54 5,33E-06 interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway (GO:0060333) 13,23 1,34E-08 cell-cell junction organization (GO:0045216) 4,07 9,97E-07
regulation of cell motility (GO:2000145) 4,25 1,08E-05 regulation of alcohol biosynthetic process (GO:1902930) 12,87 1,71E-08 epidermis development (GO:0008544) 4,02 2,52E-17
regulation of locomotion (GO:0040012) 3,91 2,57E-05 regulation of steroid biosynthetic process (GO:0050810) 12,45 4,44E-09 cellular response to decreased oxygen levels (GO:0036294) 3,83 1,22E-06
regulation of cellular component movement (GO:0051270) 3,89 2,72E-05 regulation of plasma lipoprotein particle levels (GO:0097006) 11,74 1,84E-07 negative regulation of immune effector process (GO:0002698) 3,74 3,32E-05
secretion by cell (GO:0032940) 3,78 3,62E-05 regulation of steroid metabolic process (GO:0019218) 11,74 6,70E-11 cellular response to hypoxia (GO:0071456) 3,66 7,17E-06
regulation of immune response (GO:0050776) 3,52 7,42E-05 cholesterol transport (GO:0030301) 11,74 4,39E-06 cellular response to oxygen levels (GO:0071453) 3,46 4,92E-06
regulation of immune system process (GO:0002682) 3,12 2,23E-05 cholesterol metabolic process (GO:0008203) 10,9 7,51E-10 cell junction organization (GO:0034330) 3,44 3,69E-07
immune system process (GO:0002376) 2,76 7,14E-07 secondary alcohol metabolic process (GO:1902652) 10,44 1,22E-09 epithelial cell differentiation (GO:0030855) 3,16 1,17E-16
regulation of developmental process (GO:0050793) 2,53 2,87E-05 sterol transport (GO:0015918) 9,96 1,18E-05 regulation of autophagy (GO:0010506) 3,11 7,36E-08
regulation of response to stimulus (GO:0048583) 2,02 5,62E-05 cholesterol homeostasis (GO:0042632) 9,76 3,21E-06 protein autophosphorylation (GO:0046777) 3,05 4,19E-05
  1. GO annotation raw p value <0.0001
  2. List of 25 GO categories statistically overrepresented for overexpressed genes at each time point analyzed (day 4, 10 and 22) after comparing Azm treatment to non-treated ALI cultures