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Table 4 Taxa Abundance by Anatomic Site and Exacerbation Phenotype

From: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease upper airway microbiota alpha diversity is associated with exacerbation phenotype: a case-control observational study

Rank* Oral Wash Sputum
Frequent Exacerbator Infrequent Exacerbator Frequent Exacerbator Infrequent Exacerbator
1 Streptococcus Streptococcus Haemophilus Streptococcus
2 Veillonella Veillonella Streptococcus Veillonella
3 Haemophilus a Haemophilus Veillonella Prevotella
4 Rothia Fusobacterium Moraxella Haemophilus
5 Lactobacillus Rothia Rothia Actinomyces
6 Prevotella Prevotella Prevotella Rothia
7 Neisseria Actinomyces Actinomyces Fusobacterium
8 Actinomyces Neisseria Megasphaera Neisseria
9 Gemella Lactobacillus Lactobacillus Gemella
10 Granulicatella Porphyromonas Neisseria Leptotrichia
11 Fusobacterium Gemella Porphyromonas Granulicatella
12 Leptotrichia Granulicatella Fusobacterium Porphyromonas
13 Megasphaera Leptotrichia Alloprevotella Megasphaera
14 Porphyromonas Alloprevotella Gemella Alloprevotella
15 Alloprevotella Megasphaera Leptotrichia Lactobacillus
16 Moraxella Moraxella   Moraxella
  1. *Only genera that represent at least 1% of total sequences are shown
  2. aSelect clinically or statistically significant taxa are bolded for emphasis