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Table 1 Correlation coefficients of prevalence of purchase and cost/case and explanatory variables

From: Geographies of asthma medication purchase for pre-schoolers in Belgium

  Prevalence of purchase Cost/case
Population density (log) −0.587 − 0.057 (n.s.)
Median Income/declaration −0.230 0.034 (n.s.)
PM10 (μg/m3) −0.444 0.172
PM10 P95 (μg/m3) −0.470 0.221
density of pigs (log) 0.379 0.328
% Green 0.544 0.145
  1. The table reports Pearson correlation coefficients between prevalence of purchase of asthma medication for pre-school children (left column) or cost/case (right column), and selected explanatory variables in municipalities in Belgium (significant - α = 0.001; n.s. Not significant; 588 municipalities)