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Table 1 The histopathological features of SAD in COPD specimens observed in studies spanning from 1953 to 1971

From: The pathology of small airways disease in COPD: historical aspects and future directions

Author(s) Histopathological features
Spain and Kaufman (1953) [7] Inflammation, fibrosis and narrowing
Leopold and Gough (1957) [8] Inflammation, narrowing, dilatation and obliteration
McLean (1958) [11] Dilatation, inflammation and mucous plugging
Anderson and Foraker (1962) [9] Narrowing and reduced alveolar attachments
Pratt et al. (1965) [10] Reduced alveolar attachments
Hogg et al. (1968) [12] Inflammation, mucous plugging and obliteration
Bignon et al. (1969) [16] Inflammation and narrowing
Matsuba and Thurlbeck (1971) [14] Narrowing and obliteration