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Table 4 Construct validity: mean difference of QOL between patients without and with long-term oxygen therapy; significant differences of QOL confirm criterion validity

From: Psychometric properties and minimal important differences of SF-36 in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

na = 220–243 mean difference sd
PSC 7.7** 9.9
MSC 4.0 11.9
PFI 25.4** 25.7
ROLEM 19.9* 45.3
ROLPH 25.7** 38.8
GHP 10.2* 18.9
MHI 5.9 21.2
VITAL 10.4* 19.4
SOCIAL 19.7* 28.2
PAIN 2.4 28.3
  1. a sample size varying depending on temporal relation of anchors and filled in SF-36, number of missing items within SF-36 and the possibility to calculate dimensions and summary scores
  2. *p < 0.05
  3. **p < 0.001
  4. Abbreviations: QOL Quality of life, sd standard deviation, PCS Physical component score, MCS Mental component score, GHP General health perceptions, PFI Physical functioning, ROLPH physical role functioning, ROLEM emotional role functioning, SOCIAL Social role functioning, MHI Mental health, PAIN bodily pain, VITAL vitality