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Table 2 Lymphocyte populations and FACS staining characteristics

From: Cytotoxic lymphocytes in COPD airways: increased NK cells associated with disease, iNKT and NKT-like cells with current smoking

Population Subpopulation Staining characteristics When given in percent, calculated as proportion of
T cells CD3+
T helper cells CD3+ CD4+ CD3+
Cytotoxic T cells CD3+ CD8+ CD3+
NK cells CD3 CD16+ CD56+ Cells with typical lymphocyte size and intracellular granulation
iNKT cells CD3+ (TCR)αβ+ Vα24+ Vβ11+ CD3+ (TCR)αβ+
NKT-like cells CD3+ CD16+ CD56+ CD3+
NKT-like cells CD4+ NKT-like cells CD3+ CD4+ CD16+ CD56+ CD3+
NKT-like cells CD8+ NKT-like cells CD3+ CD8+ CD16+ CD56+ CD3+