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Fig. 3

From: Role of SOD3 in silica-related lung fibrosis and pulmonary vascular remodeling

Fig. 3

Expression of pro-fibrotic and inflammatory genes in response to silica. Analysis of gene expression in the lung of silica treated mice. Whole lung mRNA levels for (a) monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (Mcp1), (b) fibroblast-specific protein 1 (Fsp1), (c) tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 1 (Timp1), (d) connective tissue growth factor (Ctgf), (e) collagen type I, alpha 1 (Col1a1), and (f) matrix metalloproteinase 2 (Mmp-2) were determined using real-time PCR and normalized to beta-acting expression (β-Actin), *p < 0.05 when compared to control lung, One Way ANOVA with Holm-Sidak post test

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