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Table 2 Gene ontologies: Molecular functions of differentially expressed genes

From: Inflammatory pathways are upregulated in the nasal epithelium in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

ID Name p-value q-value, Bonferroni q-value, FDR B&H q-value, FDR B&Y Hit Count in Query List Hit Count in Genome Hit in Query List
GO:0038187 pattern recognition receptor activity 5.52E− 07 3.76E− 04 1.88E− 04 1.34E− 03 5 17 CLEC7A, LY96, PTAFR, CD14, TLR2
GO:0008329 signaling pattern recognition receptor activity 5.52E−07 3.76E−04 1.88E− 04 1.34E−03 5 17 CLEC7A, LY96, PTAFR, CD14, TLR2
GO:0001875 lipopolysaccharide receptor activity 9.92E−06 6.75E−03 2.25E− 03 1.60E− 02 3 5 LY96, PTAFR, TLR2
GO:0042497 triacyl lipopeptide binding 1.02E−04 6.95E− 02 1.39E− 02 9.87E− 02 2 2 TLR1, TLR2
GO:0016230 sphingomyelin phosphodiesterase activator activity 1.02E−04 6.95E−02 1.39E− 02 9.87E− 02 2 2 STX4, NSMAF
GO:0042277 peptide binding 1.24E−04 8.44E−02 1.41E− 02 9.99E− 02 11 278 HLA-B, HLA-E, FFAR4, NFKBIA, TAP1, NUP98, PPIF, FURIN, TLR1, TLR2, SLC7A5
GO:0016004 phospholipase activator activity 2.07E−04 1.41E−01 1.92E−02 1.36E−01 3 12 STX4, CCL3, NSMAF
GO:0042287 MHC protein binding 2.54E−04 1.73E−01 1.92E−02 1.36E−01 4 31 LILRB2, HLA-E, CLEC7A, TAP1
GO:0042605 peptide antigen binding 2.88E−04 1.96E−01 1.92E−02 1.36E−01 4 32 HLA-B, HLA-E, TAP1, SLC7A5
GO:0033218 amide binding 3.09E−04 2.11E−01 1.92E−02 1.36E−01 11 309 HLA-B, HLA-E, FFAR4, NFKBIA, TAP1, NUP98, PPIF, FURIN, TLR1, TLR2, SLC7A5
GO:0005102 receptor binding 3.11E−04 2.12E−01 1.92E−02 1.36E−01 31 1601 RELN, HLA-B, LILRB2, HLA-E, ETS2, CLEC7A, LRG1, ADM, CMTM6, TYROBP, TMC8, CCL3, CCL4, FGR, TAP1, PLSCR1, NSMAF, SECTM1, PROK2, SELPLG, ICAM1, CCL3L3, SH2B2, NAMPT, GNA13, TNFSF13B, TLR1, TLR2, IRS2, LYN, IL1RN
GO:0060229 lipase activator activity 3.38E−04 2.30E−01 1.92E−02 1.36E−01 3 14 STX4, CCL3, NSMAF
GO:0019899 enzyme binding 4.15E−04 2.83E−01 2.17E−02 1.54E−01 35 1929 LILRB2, RNF19B, TNFRSF14, GBP1, PTAFR, CKB, SERPINB9, STX4, FGD4, CXCR4, XPO6, PLIN5, NFKBIA, EHD1, FGR, PLEK, NOS1, PLSCR1, ALOX5AP, SELL, RICTOR, LCP1, SH2B2, ZFP36, RHOH, LMNB1, FURIN, PPP1R18, IRS2, TNFAIP3, TNFRSF1B, LYN, TRIB1, MARCKS, SOD2
GO:0023029 MHC class Ib protein binding 5.98E−04 4.07E−01 2.91E−02 2.07E−01 2 4 LILRB2, TAP1
GO:0070891 lipoteichoic acid binding 9.90E−04 6.74E−01 4.49E−02 3.19E−01 2 5 CD14, TLR2
GO:0042288 MHC class I protein binding 1.17E−03 7.97E−01 4.74E−02 3.37E−01 3 21 LILRB2, HLA-E, TAP1
GO:0042802 identical protein binding 1.18E−03 8.07E−01 4.74E−02 3.37E−01 26 1359 CEBPD, DDX58, B2M, GBP1, BCL2A1, TYROBP, BNIP3L, GBP5, DGAT2, PLIN5, NFKBIA, GLUL, GCA, CCL3, CCL4, PLEK, NOS1, TAP1, ALOX5AP, RILPL2, LCP1, SH2B2, IFIT3, NAMPT, FTL, SOD2