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Table 4 Percentage of patients experiencing pneumonia events, stratified by treatment at baseline and last visit proximate to event

From: Concomitant inhaled corticosteroid use and the risk of pneumonia in COPD: a matched-subgroup post hoc analysis of the UPLIFT® trial

Patients with first pneumonia event (%)
 Treatment at baseline 15.5 13.8 12.7
 Treatment at last visit before eventa 12.9 10.1 8.6
First hospitalized pneumonia event (%)
 Treatment at baseline 10.5 8.5 7.5
 Treatment at last visit before eventa 8.3 6.6 5.2
Pneumonia event resulting in death (%)
 Treatment at baseline 0.6 1.3 1.1
 Treatment at last visit before eventa 0.6 0.9 0.7
  1. Abbreviations: FP fluticasone propionate, ICS inhaled corticosteroid. Patients were matched at baseline (matched subgroup by baseline ICS use population, N = 4002). aPercentages are calculated as patients with pneumonia events / patients taking treatment at any time prior to the event or, in those without event, at any time during the study