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Fig. 3

From: Hypoargininemia exacerbates airway hyperresponsiveness in a mouse model of asthma

Fig. 3

Hypoargininemia aggravates lung dysfunction in asthmatic mice. Panels a, c, and E show data from F/A2wt/wt (white squares, continuous lines) and F/A2tg/tg mice (black diamonds, dashed lines), mock-sensitized with PBS and challenged with ovalbumin (OVA). Panels b, d, and f show data from F/A2wt/wt and F/A2tg/tg mice that were sensitized and challenged with OVA. The treatment of the mice (PBS/OVA or OVA/OVA) is indicated below the columns. Top row: airway resistance RN; middle row: tissue elastance H; bottom row: tissue resistance G. Values on the X-axis represent the methacholine concentration used [mg/mL]. Means ± SEM of 9–10 mice per group. Significance symbols: *: P < 0.05 PBS/OVA vs. OVA/OVA F/A2wt/wt; †: P < 0.05 PBS/OVA F/A2tg/tg vs. F/A2wt/wt; #: P < 0.05 PBS/OVA vs. OVA/OVA F/A2tg/tg; ‡: P < 0.05 OVA/OVA F/A2tg/tg vs. F/A2wt/wt

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