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Fig. 2

From: Fibrocytes are increased in lung and peripheral blood of patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Fig. 2

Identification and characterization of lung fibrocytes in IPF lungs. a Representative histological picture of an explanted end-stage IPF lung showing (left): a usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP) pattern with (*) a fibroblast focus with overlying reactive epithelium and (right): (**) area of completely fibrotic remodeled lung tissue with cyst formation and bronchiolisation, amounting to honeycombing. Magnification 20× (left) and 5× (right). b Representative gating strategy for lung fibrocytes (CD45+CD15CD3CD19CD56CXCR4+Col-1+-cells) in explanted IPF lungs (n = 3 bottom) and control lungs (HC, top) (n = 4). Single cell suspensions were thawed and alive viable cells were further analyzed. Lung fibrocytes are present in the CD45+ cell population. Contaminating and unwanted CD15+ neutrophils, CD3+ T cells, CD19+ B cells and CD56+ NK-cells were sequentially excluded. Isotype control for Col-1 was used to set the gate for Col-1+ cells. c Representative histogram overlay showing expression levels depicted as MFI of indicated markers assessed with flow cytometry of lung fibrocytes (red), T cells (gray) and CD14+ monocytes (black). CD14+ Mo = CD14+ monocytes, MFI = mean fluorescence intensity

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