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Fig. 2

From: Sequential broncho-alveolar lavages reflect distinct pulmonary compartments: clinical and research implications in lung transplantation

Fig. 2

Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) return volumes in lung transplant recipients. Volume return after a second 50 ml instillation was significantly higher than following the first 50 ml instillation (15.5 ml (13.4, 18.4) vs. 25 ml (21.0, 30.0), for BAL1 and BAL2 respectively, p < 0.0001) a. This finding remained consistent when comparing BAL1 and BAL2 in patients with CLAD (14 mL (12.0, 18.5) vs. 22.5 mL (20.5, 27.5) for BAL1 and BAL2 respectively, p < 0.0001) b or No CLAD (15.6 mL (13.96, 18.35) vs. 25 mL (20, 30) for BAL1 and BAL2 respectively, p < 0.0001) c. A non-parametric Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test was used for the comparison

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