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Table 1 Ligands used in these studies

From: The inhibition of human lung fibroblast proliferation and differentiation by Gs-coupled receptors is not predicted by the magnitude of cAMP response

Ligand Target Mechanism of action
Iloprost IP = EP1 > EP3 > FP > EP4 > TP > EP2 Agonist
Treprostinil IP > EP2 > EP3 > EP4 > EP1 > TP > FP Agonist
MRE-269 IP Agonist
BMY-45778 IP Agonist
Beraprost IP Agonist
PGE2 EP1–4 Agonist
Misoprostol EP2 > EP3 > EP4 > EP1 Agonist
Butaprost EP2, EP4 Agonist
AGN-205204 EP4 Agonist
α-MSH MC1, MC3, MC4, MC5 Agonist
Formoterol β2 Agonist
Indacaterol β2 Agonist
Salbutamol β2 Agonist
Salmeterol β2 Agonist
NECA A3, A1, A2A, A2B Agonist
CGS-21680 A2A Agonist
BAY60–6583 A2B Agonist
Dopamine D1 = D5 > D3 > D2 > D4 Agonist
Forskolin AC 1–8 Activator
IBMX PDE4, PDE3, PDE1, PDE5, PDE2 Inhibitor
Rolipram PDE4 Inhibitor
  1. Ligands used in this study, their molecular targets and mechanism of action