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Fig. 4

From: A GATA3-specific DNAzyme attenuates sputum eosinophilia in eosinophilic COPD patients: a feasibility randomized clinical trial

Fig. 4

SB010 led to a statistically significant increase of plasma IFN-γ, that was not seen in placebo-treated patients (a). The deltas (pre/post) were statistically higher in SB010-treated patients as compared to placebo-treated patients (b). There was a trend towards a reduction of plasma IL-5 in the SB010 group that was opposite in the placebo group (c), however with no significant difference between the deltas (d). Data are displayed as mean ± SEM. P values were calculated by the two-sided Wilcoxon signed rank test for pre/post differences and the exact Wilcoxon two-sample test for the comparison of the deltas

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