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Table 4 Colocalized variants in validated genes and association statistics in corresponding GWAS and eQTL datasets

From: Integrative genomics identifies new genes associated with severe COPD and emphysema

Locus Phenotype Gene Tissue Top colocalized variant Variant CLPP GWAS
P value
P value
6q22 %LAA-950 DCBLD1 Lung rs34882116 0.13 2.87E-05 1.28E-11
15q25 Severe COPD PSMA4 Blood rs56077333 0.21 1.57E-18 4.16E-06
15q25 %LAA-950 PSMA4 Blood rs56077333 0.14 2.64E-09 4.16E-06
17q21 Severe COPD WNT3 Lung rs199520 0.21 1.75E-06 1.30E-12
19q13 Severe COPD EGLN2 Blood rs35755165 0.12 9.91E-09 1.87E-06
19q13 %LAA-950 LILRA3 Blood rs380267 0.28 3.32E-05 4.54E-47
  1. CLPP = Colocalization posterior probability, the probability that a particular variant is causal in both GWAS and eQTL. A CLPP of 0.01 or greater previously demonstrated high accuracy and precision (see Additional file 1: Supplementary Methods), [15]. Only top colocalized variants, a variant with highest CLPP for each gene/tissue, are shown