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Table 3 Result of association analysis between imputed gene expression and severe COPD and emphysema (%LAA-950 and Perc15) with validation

From: Integrative genomics identifies new genes associated with severe COPD and emphysema

Phenotype Gene Tissue Discovery
Z score
P value
Z score
P value
4q22 Severe COPD FAM13A Blood −5.46 4.80E-08 NA NA
4q22 Severe COPD GPRIN3 Lung 4.95 7.40E-07 0.94 3.40E-01
5q11 Perc15 ITGA1 Lung −4.89 1.00E-06 NA NA
6p21 %LAA-950 ATF6B Lung −4.48 7.30E-06 −1.33 1.80E-01
6q22 %LAA-950 DCBLD1 Lung 4.53 5.80E-06 3.81 1.40E-04
15q25 Severe COPD HYKK Blood −8.33 8.20E-17 NA NA
15q25 Severe COPD PSMA4 Blood 7.62 2.50E-14 7.57 3.80E-14
15q25 %LAA-950 HYKK Blood −5.64 1.70E-08 NA NA
15q25 %LAA-950 PSMA4 Blood 4.92 8.50E-07 5.1 3.40E-07
17q21 Severe COPD WNT3 Lung 4.85 1.20E-06 4.6 4.30E-06
19q13 Severe COPD EGLN2 Blood 4.89 1.00E-06 4.35 1.30E-05
19q13 Severe COPD RAB4B Blood −4.78 1.70E-06 −3.82 1.30E-04
19q13a %LAA-950 LILRA3 Blood −4.62 3.80E-06 −4.13 3.60E-05
  1. Lung = Genotype Tissue Expression (GTEx) consortium lung, Blood = Depression Genes and Networks (DGN) blood, NA = prediction model not available in the validation dataset (see Discussion)
  2. aThe two loci at 19q13 are separated by 13 MB (see text)