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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of study participants

From: Characterization of pediatric cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cell cultures at the air-liquid interface obtained by non-invasive nasal cytology brush sampling

Patient Sex Age (years) Atopy (yes/no)a Steroid useb FEV1% P. aeruginosa (yes/no)c Genotype AZM long-term (yes/no)
1 f 2.6 no no ND no F508del/F508del no
2 m 3.0 no no ND yes F508del/F508del no
3 f 4.5 no no ND no F508del/F508del ND
4 f 15.2 yes no 58 yes F508del/I507del no
5 f 5.6 no no 68 yes F508del/F508del no
6 m 13.2 yes no 57 no F508del/F508del no
7 m 3.7 no no ND no F508del/F508del no
8 f 7.7 no no 70 yes F508del/3905insT yes
9 m 2.6 no no ND no F508del/F508del no
10 m 12.7 no yes 86 no F508del/F508del no
  1. adefined as positive history of hayfever, eczema or asthma
  2. bdefined as any treatment with systemic, inhaled or nasal steroids within the past 3 months
  3. cdefined as at least one P. aeruginosa-positive oropharyngeal culture during the preceding 12 months
  4. abreviation: ND not determined