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Fig. 2

From: Derivation of therapeutic lung spheroid cells from minimally invasive transbronchial pulmonary biopsies

Fig. 2

Phenotype analysis of lung spheroids. a-b: Representative immunohistochemistry staining of WL-Spheroids (a) and TB-Spheroids (b) for expression of CD90 in red, CD105 in green, CCSP in red, ProSPC in green, AQP5 in red, p63 in green, krt5 in green, CD31 in green, CD34 in green, CD45 and Dapi in blue. C: Western blot of WL and TB-Spheroids. d-e: Double staining of WL-Spheroids (d) and TB-Spheroids (e) for co-expression of ProSPC/AQP5, ProSPC/CCSP and CD90/CD105. f: Expression intensity heat maps and corresponding histograms visualizing the distribution of the markers within the spheroids. Immunostaining negative controls are provided in Additional file 3: Figure S3. For all spheroids imaged n ≥ 3. Scale Bar = 100 μm

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