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Fig. 3

From: Immunohistology and remodeling in fatal pediatric and adolescent asthma

Fig. 3

a Thickness of RBM increased significantly with age both in fatal asthma (FA) 0.079 um/year (r = 0.698; p = 0.014, Spearman) and in controls (C) 0.085 um/year (r = 0886; p = 0.006 Spearman). RBM measured by grid-overlay method. b Distribution of ASM% in large airways in fatal asthma (FA) and in healthy controls (C). c ASM% in large airways increased significantly with age (0.6%/year) in fatal asthma (FA) (r = 0.787; p = 0.003, Spearman) but not in controls (C) (−0.04%/year) (r = 0.145; p = 0.762, Spearman). d ASM% in small airways did not change over time in fatal asthma (FA) (0.1%/year) nor in controls (C) (−0.2%/year)

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