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Table 3 Risk-adjusted treatment effects of early pulmonary rehabilitation on the outcomes

From: Outcomes after early and delayed rehabilitation for exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a nationwide retrospective cohort study in Japan

  Risk-adjusted treatment effecta(95% confidence interval) P-value
90-day readmission (%) −2.1 (−3.7, −0.5) 0.009
Barthel index ≥15 at discharge (%) −0.5 (−2.2, 1.1) 0.504
Length of stay (days) −9.8 (−10.7, −8.8) <0.001
  1. aAdjusted for age, sex, pre-admission within 180 days, Japan coma scale, body mass index, smoking index, Barthel index, Hugh-Jones dyspnoea scale score, Charlson comorbidity index, intensive care unit admission, steroid dose, hospital volume, population density of patient living area, and distance between patient residence and hospital