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Fig. 4

From: Monitoring mandibular movements to detect Cheyne-Stokes Breathing

Fig. 4

Performance of the two models (CART and Logistic) evaluated by cross-validation resampling. a Six metrics for evaluating the model’s performance (Best value = 1): PPV = Positive predictive value or the probability that fragments with positive LPM or SPM truly reflect CSB. NPV = Negative predictive value or the probability that CSB is correctly excluded once neither LPM nor SPM is identified; TPR = True positive rate, or Sensitivity, is the percentage of correctly classified observation among positive CSB class; TNR = True Negative rate or Specificity, is the percentage of correctly excluded CSBs; BAC = Balanced accuracy or Mean of true positive rate and true negative rate; AUC = Area under Receiver Operating Curve (ROC) that results from computing False positive rate and True positive rate from many thresholds. b Four metrics for evaluating the classification error (Best value =0): FNR = False negative rate, or percentage of in the negative CSB class. FPR = False positive rate, or percentage of misclassified observations in the Positive CSB class, MMCE = mean misclassification error, defined as mean of all classifications that disagree with truth; BER = balanced error index, defined as Mean of misclassification error rates on all individual classes

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