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Fig. 1

From: Computational modeling of airway instability and collapse in tracheomalacia

Fig. 1

a Nonlinear Cauchy stress versus strain curves based on two term Ogden model fits for tracheal cartilage, fibrous tissue, smooth muscle and mucosa tissue. Cauchy stress is defined as the force in the deformed configuration (i.e. after tracheal deformation) divided by the area in the deformed configuration. Drawn arrows represent reduction in nonlinear elastic properties for “soft” malacic models by reducing cartilage ring properties to those of fibrous tissue and “malacic” models by reducing both cartilage and fibrous tissue properties to those of mucosa tissues. Ogden material coefficients for the fit data were as follows: Cartilage a = 0.109, b = 16.63; Fibrous Tissue a = 0.01, b = 11.05; Smooth Muscle a = 0.08; b = 6.29; Musoca a = 0.1 b = 3.4. b Expanded view of mucosa stress-strain curve demonstrating nonlinear Neo-Hookean behavior. Mucosa appears flat in Fig. 1a (left) due to very low maximum stress (<1 MPa) in mucosa even at 50% strain

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