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Table 4 Proteins detected in healthy non-smoker and healthy smoker EBC

From: Determining the presence of asthma-related molecules and salivary contamination in exhaled breath condensate

Protein Accession ID Smoker Nasal Congestion Cold/Flu Healthy
Zinc finger protein 800 UniProtKB Q2TB10    
Myoneurin UniProtKB Q9NPC7    
Keratin, type 1 cytoskeleton 9 (Cytokeratin 9) UniProtKB P35527    
  1. EBC was collected from 13 volunteers and pooled into 4 groups; healthy smokers, healthy non-smokers, non-smokers with nasal congestion, and non-smokers with the common cold. Samples were analyzed on a Bruker Impact HD Q-TOF and proteins were search using Mascot. indicates that a protein was detected within a particular group