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Fig. 1

From: Determining the presence of asthma-related molecules and salivary contamination in exhaled breath condensate

Fig. 1

Experimental setup and total ion chromatograms (TIC) of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) controls. a Setup of the control experiment using a syringe and syringe pump to administer control unspiked water and a control spiked water sample through the TURBO-DECCS EBC collection apparatus; b TIC of unspiked water. * indicates a contaminant peak at 0.933 min which was putatively identified as propiolic acid (8.69 ppm error, 82.8 score), c TIC of spiked water; d TIC of a ‘clean’ EBC sample; e Visualization of EBC samples collected from volunteers showing the clean EBC from non-droolers, compared to EBC collected from droolers which show the presence of saliva in the samples

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