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Table 3 Chemicals putatively identified in ECVE prepared with brand 1 (24 mg)

From: Electronic cigarette exposure triggers neutrophil inflammatory responses

Chemical Hazard statement Hazard class Type of compound ChEBI
Nicotine H301/H310/H400/H411 Toxic/Dangerous Active drug 18723
Glycerol N/A N/A Solubilizing agent 17754
gamma-hexenoic acid H314/R34 Danger/Corrosive Unsaturated fatty acid 38355
2-methyl valeric acid H314/R34 Danger/Corrosive Saturated fatty acid N/A
2-Methylpentane-1,2,4-Triol N/A N/A Saturated polyol N/A
4-Aminohydrocinnamic Acid H315/H319/H335 Warning/Irritant saturated carboxylic acid N/A
5-oxo-7-octenoic acid N/A N/A Branched fatty acid N/A
Piperidine H225/H311/H331/H314 Corrosive/Highly Flammable/Toxic Organic Heterocyclic 18049
Propanal H225/H302/H332/H315/H318/H335 Highly Flammable/Harmful/Irritant Small organic (possible glycerol breakdown) 17153
(2R,3S)-2,3-Dimethylmalate N/A Natural Possible cellular metabolite 57422
2,3-Benzofuran H226/H351 Flammable/Carcinogen Heterocyclic 36790
4-(3-pyridyl)-butanoate N/A N/A Nitrosonornicotine metabolite derived from tobacco smoke. 66942
N-Nitroso-1,3-thiazolidine N/A N/A Polar small molecule 7329
allylthiourea H301 Toxic/Carcinogen Polar small molecule 74079
2-methyl-1-butanol N/A N/A Polar small molecule 50625
Acrolein H225/H301/H311/H314/H330/H400 Poisonous/Irritant/Flammable Glycerol breakdown product 15368
Styrene H226/H315/H319/H332 Harmful/Irritant Unsaturated aromatic 27452