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Fig. 6

From: Caveolin-1 regulates the expression of tight junction proteins during hyperoxia-induced pulmonary epithelial barrier breakdown

Fig. 6

Effects of Cav-1 downregulation on the structure and function of alveolar epithelial monolayers exposed to normoxic conditions. At 60–70 % confluence, alveolar epithelial cells were exposed to normoxic conditions, control siRNA transfection, and siRNA-Cav-1 transfection (10 nm) for 72 h. Tight junction structures (a, b, c, d, 20,000× or 80,000× magnification) were determined by TEM. Black arrows indicate the tight junction structures (b, d). The TEER value (e) and Papp of FD4 (f) were also measured. Values are represented as means ± SD, ## P < 0.01 for comparison with the normoxia-treated group, ** P < 0.01 for comparison with the control siRNA-transfected group

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