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Table 3 Plasticity of differentiated cells

From: Regeneration of the lung: Lung stem cells and the development of lung mimicking devices

Cell type Marker genes Differentiation potential Signaling Cues
Club cells Scgb1a1+, Cyp2f2+ Basal Hippo pathway [44]
   Ciliated Unknown
   Goblet IL-13 exposure [169]
AT-I Hopx AT-II Modulated by TGF-β signaling [49]
    Proximal cell fate by overexpressing Sox2 [51]
AT-II cells Sftpc+, LysM Proximal cells Ectopic Sox2 expression [50]
Ciliated cells TubIVa, Foxj1 Goblet IL-13 exposure [47]
  1. AT-I/AT-II Alveolar type-I/II Cell