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Table 2 Other potential epithelial stem cells

From: Regeneration of the lung: Lung stem cells and the development of lung mimicking devices

Cell type Marker genes Differentiation potential Hallmarks
Variant Club Cells Scgb1a1+, Cyp2f2 Club, Ciliated Located near NEBs
   Ciliated Survive Naphthalene injury
Broncho-Alveolar Stem Cells Scgb1a1+, Sftpc+ AT-II, Ciliated Wnt signaling induces proliferation BASC [168]
    Located at BADJ
Itgα6+, Itgβ4+Alveolar progenitor Scgb1a1, Sftpc, Itgα6+, Itgβ4+ AT-II, Club Located at BADJ and Alveolar wall
AT-II Sftpc+, LysM Sca1+, Sftpc+ AT-I progenitor cell EGF induced proliferation [37]
   AT-I Wnt dependent conversion to AT-I [41]
  1. NEBs Neuroendocrine Bodies, BADJ Broncho-Alveolar Duct Junction, AT-I/II Alveolar-Type I/II cells