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Table 1 Overview basal-like stem cell populations

From: Regeneration of the lung: Lung stem cells and the development of lung mimicking devices

Cell type Subtypes Differentiation potential Signaling Cues
(Tracheal) Basal Stem Cells Trp63, Krt5, Krt14+/− Self-Renewal Notch [25], Hippo signaling [44]
Trp63, Krt5, Krt8 Basal Luminal Precursor Cell Notch 3 signaling [16], Grhl2 [24]
  Neuroendocrine Notch1 [164, 165] and Hes1 [166]
Trp63, Krt5, N2ICD Club Notchhigh signaling [15], Notch1 [167], Notch2 [164]
Trp63, Krt5, c-Myb/Trp73 Ciliated Notchlow signaling [15], Notch 1 and 2 [164]
Distal Alveolar Stem Cells a Trp63, Krt5 Self-Renewal Increased Notch activity, Notch1 [31]
   AT-II Inhibition of Notch [31]
  1. aOnly observed after H1N1 influenza virus infection or bleomycin induced injury, AT-II Alveolar Type II Cells