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Table 2 Prevalence of daytime, night-time and early-morning symptoms at baseline

From: Aclidinium bromide and formoterol fumarate as a fixed-dose combination in COPD: pooled analysis of symptoms and exacerbations from two six-month, multicentre, randomised studies (ACLIFORM and AUGMENT)

  Patients with symptoms (%)
Night-time symptoms  
 Any 88.3
 Cough 72.7
 Wheezing 59.3
 Shortness of breath 67.2
 Difficulty bringing up phlegm 44.0
 Nocturnal awakenings 57.4
Early-morning symptoms  
 Any 94.4
 Cough 81.5
 Wheezing 57.4
 Shortness of breath 77.6
 Difficulty bringing up phlegm 48.6
 Limitation of early-morning activities 90.6
  1. Data are for the pooled ITT population
  2. ITT intent-to-treat