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Table 1 Activity and selectivity of PXS-4728A in vitro

From: Effects of an anti-inflammatory VAP-1/SSAO inhibitor, PXS-4728A, on pulmonary neutrophil migration

Assay IC 50  
Recombinant human VAP-1/SSAO (AOC3) 5 nM  
Gonadal fat tissue homogenate; mouse, rat, dog, rabbit <10 nM  
Assay IC 50 Selectivity
Recombinant diamine oxidase (AOC1) 12.0 μM >2000x
Recombinant retina specific amine oxidase (AOC2) 2.76 μM >500x
Purified lysyl oxidase from lung fibroblasts 13.2 μM >2000x
Recombinant lysyl oxidase like 2 10.4 μM >2000x
Recombinant monoamine oxidase A >100 μM >2000x
Recombinant monoamine oxidase B 2.7 μM >500x
Recombinant lysine demethylase >10 μM >2000x