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Table 1 COPD-adapted risk score

From: Fracture prevention in COPD patients; a clinical 5-step approach

Risk factor  
Weight <60 kg or BMI <20 kg/m2 1
Age >60 years 1
Age >70 years (in this case do not count risk score ‘age >60 years’) 2
Previous fracture after the age of 50 (more than 2 years ago) 1
Parent with hip fracture 1
Immobility 1
Rheumatoid arthritis 1
More than 1 fall in the last year 1
Diseases or medications associated with increased fracture risk* 1
Alcohol ≥3 units per day 1
COPD and postbronchodilator FEV1 < 50% predicted 1
  1. *Diseases or medications associated with increased fracture risk: untreated hypogonadism, inflammatory bowel diseases or malabsorption, chronic inflammatory diseases, organ transplantation, diabetes mellitus, untreated hyperthyroidism or over substituted hypothyroidism, primary hyperparathyroidism, pernicious anaemia and any past or current use of oral glucocorticoids for at least 3 months.
  2. COPD-adapted risk score ≥4 represents increased fracture risk.