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Figure 1

From: Conditional overexpression of TGFβ1 promotes pulmonary inflammation, apoptosis and mortality via TGFβR2 in the developing mouse lung

Figure 1

Effect of TGFβ1 exposure on overall survival in maternally exposed doxycycline to NB TGFβTG, and TGFβTG X TGFβR2KO mice. NB TGFβ1TG, and TGFβ1TG X TGFβR2KO littermate mice were exposed to maternal dox at PN1 - PN7 and then overall survival was assessed. Where NB: newborn; PN: postnatal; TGFβ1TG: TGFβ1 transgenic mice; TGFβ1TG X TGFβR2KO: TGFβ1 transgene mice crossed with TGFβ receptor II knockout mice. N = 7 in each group; **p < 0.01 and ***p < 0.001 TGFβ1TG vs. TGFβ1TG X TGFβR2KO and TGFβR2KO vs. TGFβ1TG respectively.

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