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Table 3 GO Terms associated with relevant genes related to muscle wasting

From: Genome-wide mRNA expression profiling in vastus lateralis of COPD patients with low and normal fat free mass index and healthy controls

Source GO terms Fold enrichment N o of gene in the term FDR
Up-regulated genes Traslational initiation 7.9 11 0.001
Traslational elongation 14.7 49 6.05E-42
Ribosomal biogenesis 4.2 17 0.004
rRNA processing 4.9 15 0.002
Muscle organ development 3.2 20 1.62E-05
Striated muscle contraction 6.5 10 1.55E-05
Down-regulated genes Glucose metabolic process 3.3 21 0.008
Energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds 5.8 37 4.86E-15
Electron transport chain 6.2 31 5.77E-13
ATP synthesis coupled electron transport 9.3 22 1.91E-12
Striated muscle tissue development 3.4 18 0.02
Muscle contraction 4.7 31 1.94E-09
  1. GO Terms associated with DEGs between COPDL vs. COPDN and COPDL vs. C.
  2. Functional enrichment analysis of 454 up-regulated and 656 down-regulated DEGs between COPDL vs. COPDN and COPDL vs. C (FDR < 0.05) with the corresponding GO term, the fold enrichment, number of genes involved in the term and the FDR (False discovery Rate).