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Figure 5

From: Effects of different mesenchymal stromal cell sources and delivery routes in experimental emphysema

Figure 5

Electron microscopy of lung parenchyma. C: control groups. E: emphysema groups. Mice were treated with saline (SAL), or bone marrow (BM), adipose (AD) and lung (L)-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). In the C group, the alveolar epithelium is formed by type II pneumocytes (PII). Alveolar septa (AS) and capillaries (CAP) are intact. In E-SAL group, the AS is ruptured with capillary loss (arrows) and shows fibroblasts (FIB) and increase in collagen fibers. The alveolar epithelium was apparently normal but had zones with AS thickness containing no capillaries (arrows) even after intravenous or intratracheal BM-MSC and AD-MSC administration. After intratracheal L-MSC treatment, the AS is restored with new capillaries and collagen fibers are diminished.

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