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Table 6 Potential functional roles suggested by published studies in vitro and in vivo

From: Surfactant protein-D and pulmonary host defense

   Regulation of inflammatory response to microorganisms and
   microbial products
   `Neutralization' of LPS/altered presentation of LPS to host cells
   Regulation of pulmonary oxidant metabolism
   Enhanced opsonization and killing of some organisms
   Decreased internalization of some intracellular pathogens
   Enhanced microbial agglutination with enhanced physical or
   cellular clearance
   Enhanced inflammatory response to SP-D/microbial complexes
   Altered microbial growth
   Decreased proliferative response of lymphocytes to various
   Altered presentation of antigens to specifically sensitized cells
   Enhanced directed migration or airspace retention of phagocytes
   Altered macrophage production of metalloproteinases
Surfactant homeostasis
   Altered spatial organization of PI-enriched sub-fractions of
   surfactant lipid
   Normal cellular uptake and metabolism of surfactant lipid